The Superenhanced Generator is an interrogation software which automizes, dehumanizes, familiarizes and therefore optimizes examination. The willing user is presented a set of questions; it does not matter if ones answers truthfull, lies or avoids being specific, the system looks for answers it needs to satisfy it's database. The digital tool uses google and facebook to back-check on personal user-data thus generating further intelligence. The questioning does not stop after one session, but continues via email and in real-life during performances, bio-mechanic aspect of the project, the machine interrogates, controls, instrumentalizes and decides about interrogated humans thorough human interfaces (interrogators).

The engine starts to communicate with the detainee on different layers as soon as email & name are retrieved. The interrogated person is caught in a kafkaesk system of simulated reality. There are exit- points, but the detainee has to answer all the questions correctly to find a point of departure into freedom. All interrogation-results are fed into our global-database. The machine starts to determine questions by itself and grow and change autonomously. We can then watch the system like a lilving organism and see how it adapts to different security situations. The system can be sold to governments or corporations to interrogate people in schools, airports, sportsevents & political ralleys where large numbers of humans have to be processed with security-intelligence to identify potential threats. We can then simply let the software decide everything by itself – that way no human will be responsible for any acts commited any longer during any interrogation in the first place.

We started the SE-project by researching governmental, military and OGA newspeak:
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